4 Tips for Using Room Color Ideas to Create Inspiring Home Decor

When crafting inspiring home decor, room color ideas play an important role. The colors you choose can fit myriad moods: They can be soothing, uplifting, calming, invigorating. Finding the palette isn’t as hard as you might think, especially if you take these key steps to make the most of the space in your DFW home.

1. Use the Color Wheel

When you begin the process of finding the right colors for your home, you can quickly and easily refer to the color wheel — the same one you’ve seen since childhood. As explained in HGTV’s oft-referenced 60-30-10 rule, you need to think of your home in layers. The dominant color of a room is best at 60 percent coverage, which typically is the chosen wall color. The 30 percent creates visual interest, and often is found in the upholstery. The final 10 percent belongs to the accent colors: the accent pieces, floral arrangements, and pillows.

  • If you’re aiming for a formal feel in a room, it’s best to use the complementary colors of the color wheel. The colors typically are in starker contrast to each other, thereby creating a visual challenge to the eye.
  • On the other hand, when you want to finish off your informal areas, your best choices are the analogous colors, the ones that are next to each other on the color wheel, which tend to be more muted and restful.

2. Texturing Makes the Difference

Creating just the right color scheme in your home decor doesn’t have to entail trips to designer shops. Nor does it mean that you need an explosion of color in every room. The best room color ideas usually include the process of incorporating textures, because textures help bring out the kind of subtle accents that make up inspiring decor.

You can build these textural layers with what you already have, namely your rugs, accessories, furniture finishes, wall finishes, and window treatments. Try putting a rug over carpet, or even add wainscoting to a wall. Mix up your accessories: juxtapose glass items with wood ones, or a put out a rugged basket filled with soft blankets. If it’s pleasing to your eye, then it suits your style!

3. Use Seasonal Flavor

In Texas, we’re blessed with opportunity to change up our home decor in keeping with the changing seasons. As fall arrives, it’s a perfect chance to bring the traditional colors of autumn inside: burgundy, brown, gold, orange, and yellow. These room color ideas can easily be paired with the contemporary colors of fall, such as gray, apricot, tan, rusty red, green, eggplant, teal, or even turquoise.

Texas home decor is known for its rich browns. While they’re ideal for fall, browns can also make a great palette for spring: Try pairing dark brown wood with tan or cream upholstery; then add in an art piece with light greens, blues, and a small splash of orange, and you’ve got the airy feeling of spring.

4. Highlight Your Passion

If you love something or collect particular items, reflect that interest in your decorating. For example, if you love birds and birdhouses, you can find art, sculptures, pillows, throws, vintage and contemporary pieces to decorate your home. Mix in colors from brown, white and gray, all the way to pink, red, and yellow. Your personal style will immediately find its place.

The joy of home decorating is only limited by your own imagination. Finding the perfect room color ideas will enhance moods, seasons, and the feeling of home as you create the ultimate comfy, cozy retreat for family and friends.

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