Inside the Luxury Automated Home

While home is one of the oldest institutions, it continues to evolve every day. In the October issue of Previews® Inside Out, we sat down with Reid Cram, director of marketing at Vantage Controls, to talk about the home of the future.

With one in four luxury consumers desiring their home to be outfitted with the latest in home automation technology, the home technology business is developing faster than ever, particularly in the mobile space. In “Wired Wonder: Inside the Luxury Automated Home,” Cram talks about where he sees the industry going and takes us through what a typical Vantage home looks like.

While it may seem that the future of home has arrived, there is innovation happening in this space every day. From refrigerator robots to high-tech toasters, it’s hard to keep track of what home will look like down the road. Cram makes a valid prediction when he says, “technology will continue to be minimalist. It will not be in your face. It will continue to work behind the scenes.”

Header Image features a magnificent Miami Beach property listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate.

What do you think the home of tomorrow will look like? Tell us in the comments below.

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