Real Estate Headlines with Dr. Dre, Las Vegas and Millenials

Welcome to the middle of summer. Yes, July is already here and burgers, the beach and neighborhood fireworks await you this week. Before you consider how much of your wardrobe really is red, white and blue here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your Independence Day week.

Bigger Pockets has 6 acronyms every beginner real estate investor should know.

Troubled singer, Chris Brown, evidently left behind some colorful artwork on the walls of his recently sold home.

Is the Las Vegas housing market finally turning around?

Dr. Dre is cashing in on his recent Beats deal with Apple by selling his LA home for $35 million. Former owners include Tom Brady & Gisele.

What do NYC homeowners dream of the most? Same thing as my wife: a new kitchen.

Heading away for the holiday weekend? Here are 6 tips for watering your plants while you’re away.

The fastest growing metro area in the U.S. has no crime…or kids.

Is a millenial driven housing boom on the horizon?

And finally, here are 12 behaviors at home that’d be weird anywhere else.

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