Wine Tasting with Previews Inside Out

The porch is making a comeback, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, and what better spot in the house to lounge, sip a glass of wine and unwind after a warm summer day?

Sounds just lovely, doesn’t it? Well, get comfortable and let’s talk vino. Coldwell Banker Previews® Inside Out caught up with Ray Isle, Food & Wine‘s executive wine editor to pour over his warm-weather favorites.

In “Wine Tasting with Food & Wine’s Ray Isle” in the July issue of Previews® Inside Out, Isle talks grapes, regions, and hidden gems. He uncorks winemaking trends and the ultimate vintage if money were no object. Whether you’re looking for a white, red or rosé, you’re sure to discover a new summer sip to try.

Perhaps my favorite piece of advice from the expert is his answer to this question: “Any advice for the wine collector who has it all?” Drink it.

In case the only thing missing now is that perfect porch, we can help there too. Find inspiration in these outdoor oases. Cheers!

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